World Taekwondo Coach Certification Course (Level 1) Training

Dear Taekwondo Members.

As you may be aware, it will be mandatory for every coach to hold a valid World Taekwondo coach license from January 1st 2021. Coaches without WT coaching certificates will not be able/ allowed by World Taekwondo to participate in any event sanctioned, promoted or recognized by the governing body. To help ease this burden, Kenya Taekwondo has been mandated by world Taekwondo to host a Level One (1) coaching course in Kenya from 7th to 9th November 2020. This training will be fully sponsored by the National Olympic committee of Kenya (NOCK) and is open to all Kenya Taekwondo Federation members who meet the following requirements: -

  1. Must be 18 years and above
  2. Must be a registered member of KTF
  3. Must be have an active club that is registered with KTF
  4. Their club(s) must be actively involved in the senior categories
  5. Must be a 4th DAN and above
  6. Must have a GOL

It is therefore my humble request that we forward names of our members in Kenya Taekwondo Federation who meet the above-mentioned requirements.

Master George Wasonga

Secretary General, Kenya Taekwondo Federation